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    Candidature BABA et/ou BABASSE


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    Date d'inscription : 2012-12-30

    Candidature BABA et/ou BABASSE Empty Candidature BABA et/ou BABASSE

    Post  babaoorhum Sun 30 Dec - 12:27

    You agree that you are playing in the interest of the group ?
    Yes i agree!

    You agree that you will respect the members of the group ?
    Yes i do!

    Name: BABASSE ou BABA


    Characters(Lvls, tag skills, perks, etc.) :
    I got 2 characters
    the first is Baba (lvl23) he is armorer level 3
    bruiser;skilled ; big gun;first aid repair!
    the other is a new character (BABASSE)(lvl2) i've been created
    It's a pvp and just begin with this character*
    BG; First aid; doctor
    bonehead and fast shoot
    no proffession for the moment.
    Country and Ethnicity(Also languages you can speak) :
    i come from France and I speak french and english

    A little about yourself:
    I'm a big fan about fallout since the first!! I've a good know about the universe of fallout. Since I know this game (fonline) I play almost everyday with a friend but we are a little bit alone that's why I'd like to join your team. I'm sure about one things TOGETHER we can make something AMAZING!! Very Happy

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